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Whatever its role, China’s a big guy in the world now. Its actions and words matter, a lot.

But in the meantime, I believe there’s a deficit for the understanding of Beijing. Gaps in language, culture, and perspective all contribute to this deficit. In a world where the crust of international politics is constantly rearranging themselves, such deficit may have dire consequences.

That is the reason I’m starting this newsletter, which I hope can become a small force to diminish that deficit and perhaps receive some credit if World War III never happens.

I’d like to disclose that I am a journalist with Xinhua News Agency since 2011, I’ve worked in Damascus from 2012 to 2015, and Washington, D.C. from 2016 to 2019. In Syria I covered the civil war and in Washington I was both a witness and victim to the big decoupling.

To be clear, everything I say in this newsletter only represent my personal opinion, not that of Xinhua.

I promise I will only offer my best judgment and sincere opinion in this newsletter, and in return I hope you’ll tell a few friends about this newsletter if you find it useful.

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